SIMONA® E-CTFE-GK in Composite System for Chimney Lining

In 2007 the companies OIH and PLASTICON GERMANY secured a contract to line a steel chimney for the OMV AG refinery in Schwechat/Austria with a composite structure comprising E-CTFE-GK/GRP. PLASTICON GERMANY supplied four composite pipe sections made of SIMONA® E-CTFE-GK/ GRP for the 88 m high chimney with an external diameter of 5.5 m.

Owing to its chemical resistance and its broad service temperature range, SIMONA® E-CTFE is suitable for various fields of application in plant engineering. SIMONA® E-CTFE is an ideal material for the present application on the basis of its chemical characteristics, but it does not meet the requirements with regard to structural properties. In such a case, the specified parameters can be met by using a composite system that combines the characteristics of several materials: SIMONA® E-CTFE-GK offers chemical protection from the flue gas, GRP as thermoset in combination with SIMONA® E-CTFE-GK meets structural loading requirements, while steel forms the outer envelope of the chimney. PLASTICON manufactured four composite pipe sections in SIMONA® E-CTFE-GK/GRP (three pipes 19 m long and one 13 m long), which were inserted into the corresponding steel pipes (external diameter 5.5 m) by a specialist company in Belgium. These four pipes comprising E-CTFE-GK/GRP/steel were then transported by waterway to Schwechat in Austria and completely assembled at their place of destination.

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OMV AG, Austria


  • Ooms-Ittner-Hof GmbH (OIH)

Technical support

  • Business Development Industrie

Products used

  • GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic)
  • Steel

Project duration

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